At 10 years old Kody strapped himself into a Laird hand-me-down foil board with snowboard boots. His Dad spent hours towing him around so that he could enjoy the sensation of "hovering" above water.


Foil Boarding was considered to be a gimmick in those days. The was the foils were designed, you had to be pulled by a jet ski in order to ride these crafts. 

Twelve years later new hydrofoil designs would dawn of a new era that would revolutionize what was thought to be possible in the ocean. New technology created foils that were easy to be controlled and would lift the rider out of the water at low speeds. This allowed for easier control and meant it no longer required the use of snowboard boots to ride these crafts. 


We are now seeing Hydrofoils being used to ride some of the worlds biggest open ocean swells and to race from island to island with.